Deuss' pik - golden state -4 @ ja-less Grizzlies;)

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Deuss' pik - golden state -4 @ ja-less Grizzlies;)

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Anyone else see a play here? Ja morant news is that he's doubtful for rest of playoffs. I figure this will be too much for grizzlies to bear ;) with brink of elimination at their door.
Its -4 and 2 of 4 games have been within 3 points. But I'm hoping golden state gets a lead in 4th quarter and grizzlies give up just a little :)

Good luck

Golden state -4

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Re: Deuss' pik - golden state -4 @ ja-less Grizzlies;)

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Wow Golden State gave it up .I suspect they will still win the series but going down by 55 points .....Is that a championship kind of team?
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